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Transformative Education

personal growth in schools

The Transformative Education Network is committed to implementing practices of mindfulness, social-emotional responsiveness, and reflective inquiry in schools.

In a culture that emphasizes measurable achievement and that punishes schools for the supposed deficiencies of their students, TransformEd offers a different model of success: self-knowledge. We believe that the goals of education are better defined in terms of personal growth than in statistics.

In fact, numerous studies of school culture, resilience, and social-emotional development suggest what may already seem obvious: personal transformation is necessary for most other indicators of achievement. How are the conditions for personal transformation created?

Schools, youth development organizations, and research institutes are invited to join the Transformative Education Network as a way of furthering this vision for schools. We seek a common voice in order to advocate a movement for change, one that places the inner experience of everyone — students, teachers, parents, and administrators — at the center of the debate.

TransformEd holds regular advisory meetings of its members at least once per year. Members are encouraged to learn about and support each other's projects and to participate in the annual Wisdom in Schools conference.