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In six years since our founding, Young Spirit Foundation has moved quickly to establish a wide network of relationships in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond, to focus discussion on how education forms values and identity. Here is a brief overview of our accomplishments during that time:

• presence at multiple regional, national, and international conferences

• workshop facilitation for educators and young people at the Carry the Vision conference, the United Religions Initiative Young Leaders Retreat, and the Assembly for Expanded Perspectives on Learning

• dialogues for parents, teachers, and community leaders to envision new principles for education

• a speaker's panel gathering six educational change leaders, held at San Francisco's One Fort Mason, on the theme “Bringing Forward Wisdom in Adolescence”

• vision and sponsorship of Communitas Charter High School, a public school in Silicon Valley bringing our core principles into the lives of young people

• vision and launch of The Children's School of Art and Science, an independent, tuition-based school in Palo Alto dedicated to deep understanding, human connection, and global awareness

• launch of annual Wisdom in Schools conference, attracting educators from all over the San Francisco Bay Area

• partnerships with over 20 leaders and organizations, local and national

• initial launch of the Transformative Education Network

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