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Educational Organizations
advocating for meaningful and balanced change in schools, consistent with the Foundation's principles

Assembly for Expanded Perspectives on Learning
Big Picture Learning
Buck Institute of Education
Challenge Success
Center for Courage and Renewal
Coalition of Essential Schools
Ed Visions
Education as Transformation
Expeditionary Learning
High Tech High
Liberal Education and America's Promise (LEAP)
Metta Center for Nonviolence Education
National Equity Project
New York Performance Standards Consortium
PassageWorks Institute
Place-Based Education
Progressive Education Network
San Francisco Coalition of Essential Small Schools
Teaching Tolerance
Worldview Explorations Project
Center for Reaching and Teaching the Whole Child

Contemplative Practice
offering programs to help young people develop inner awareness, personal identity, and compassion

Association for Mindfulness in Education
Center for Sustainable Change
Dream of the Good
International Association for Children's Spirituality
KidSpirit Magazine
Mindful Schools
Niroga Institute
Personal Creed Project
Project Happiness
Youth Community Service

Self-Awareness and Connection Resources
researching and advocating for a wisdom-centered approach to social engagement

Center for the Contemplative Mind in Society
Center for Spiritual Development in Childhood and Adolescence
Engaging the Other
Garrison Institute
Greater Good Science Center
Institute of Noetic Sciences
Mind and Life Institute
Pachamama Alliance
Project Cornerstone
Spiritual Paths Institute
Spirituality and Practice
Spirituality in Higher Education (UCLA)
The Wisdom Page

Nonsectarian Interfaith Resources
creating a public forum for the appreciation and understanding of diverse wisdom traditions

Center for Inter-Religious Dialogue
Charter for Compassion
Interfaith Center at the Presidio
Interfaith Youth Core
North America Interfaith Network
Parliament of the World's Religions
Pluralism Project (Harvard)
Tanenbaum Center for Interreligious Understanding
United Religions Initiative